Fear Pong

This could (will) get messy. 

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Fear Pong
Key Features:
  • An unholy combination of beer pong and truth or dare
  • Based on the popular Youtube series
  • Do one of the 215 dares or down your cup
  • Waterproof cards for maximum replayability
More Info: Fear Pong

What happens when you combine the booziness of beer pong and the embarrassment of Truth Or Dare?


Absolute bloody chaos, that’s what. And the name of this chaos is Fear Pong - a party game that’s guaranteed to make you do something you never thought you would.


The rules are simple enough. Set up your plastic cups on top of the Fear Pong cards, just like you would in a regular game of beer pong. Then take it in turns to get your red ball into your opponent’s cup. If you do, they now have a choice: either they do one of the two dares on the card, or drink the contents of the cup.


And if the 215 pre-written dares aren't enough to satisfy your thirst for awkward hilarity, there are eight blank cards to fill in with your own. 


Worried about getting the cards soaked in booze? No need - the people behind the game made them waterproof. Clever. 

Product Details:
  • Combines Beer Pong and Truth Or Dare
  • Includes 215 bold & bitter dares on 108 waterproof cards
  • Plus eight blank cards for you to fill in yourself
  • Balls included, cups not included
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