World's Smallest Confession Booth


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World's Smallest Confession Booth
Key Features:
  • Absolve your sins from the comfort of, well, anywhere!
  • A place to confess all those tiny things you've done wrong
  • Seriously, they might be small but they're starting to stack up
  • "Kneel" your fingers on the tiny cushion to receive your absolution!
More Info: World's Smallest Confession Booth
Just take a moment to think about all those wicked little things you've done. Tiny, seemingly inconsequential acts. Eventually, they start to add up...

No one knows the precise criteria for entering the gates of heaven (or hell), but we reckon a lifetime of tiny sins is basically the same as doing a murder – IT'S TIME TO REPENT!

Now you can share all of your darkest secrets with the World's Smallest Confession Booth. Just pop open the curtains, 'kneel' your fingers on the mini prayer cushion, spill the beans, and a concealed priest will mutter “You are forgiven.”

Job done. Now you can get back to lying to your partner and stealing stationery from the office.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • The World's Smallest Confession Booth!
  • Complete with light-up screen, mini curtains and tiny prayer cushion
  • Pressure-activated cushion triggers a tiny priest to say "You are forgiven"
  • Comes with a 48-page illustrated mini book
  • Measures approximately 7.4cm(W) x 9.8cm(H) x 5cm(D)
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