Mini Massage Cushion

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Mini Massage Cushion
Key Features:
  • Your very own portable massage therapist!
  • Always hunched over your laptop? Overdone it at the gym?
  • Let this magical device massage the pain away
  • Small but mighty! Makes quick work of tight muscles and knots
  • Four rotating massage heads provide firm yet soothing relief
  • Heated mode to alleviate particularly painful areas
  • Costs less than a half hour massage session!
More Info: Mini Massage Cushion
Chances are you're probably reading this on your phone or your computer. So how's that neck doing? Pretty stiff? How are those shoulders? Niiice and rounded? How about your back? Aching and tight?

We thought so.

Whether you're hunched over your laptop from 9-5 or a hardcore cross-fit regular at the gym - eventually life takes its toll on our hopeless bodies. This is where the Mini Massage Cushion works its muscle-soothing magic. And we mean it when we say magic.

This portable device attaches securely to the back of your chair with an elastic strap and uses rotational massage heads to vigorously knead your back muscles across four key pressure points. Suffice to say, it feels incredible, and that's before we've even mentioned the heavenly heated mode to soothe particularly painful areas.

Best of all - it's cheaper than a half hour session down the local massage parlour!
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • Mains-powered, plug included
Product Features:
  • Your very own portable massage therapist
  • Attaches to your chair with an elastic strap
  • Four rotating massage heads offer firm yet soothing relief
  • Heated mode for particularly painful areas
  • Fantastic for your back - but also works well on other limbs!
  • Measures approximately 30cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 8cm(D)
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