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The Golf Mug
Key Features:
  • Multi-function mug
  • Includes putter pen and foam ball
  • Makes an ideal gift for your golf-loving friends or family
More Info: The Golf Mug

Bring the fairway to your desk and relieve the stresses of the day as you putt, chip and, most importantly, sip on your favourite beverage! Putt the ball through the arch or turn the mug to rest on its handle and chip the ball into it! 

Warning: The Golf Mug may cause a sudden obsession with mini-golf and a tendency to turn any surface into a makeshift putting green. We shall not be held responsible for any "accidental" office tournaments or a sudden increase in golf-related banter. Side effects may also include an insatiable urge to wear golf attire during your morning coffee break and an enhanced ability to make golf-themed puns.

Product Details:
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Capacity: 400 Millilitres
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