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Key Features:
  • Give a new lease of life to your discarded bottle tops
  • AND show off your eclectic beer tastes!
  • Bottle caps cling to the tree through the magic of magnetism
  • The more you drink, the better the tree looks! Genius.
More Info: Beer Cap Magnetic Tree
Ever feel like you're just rotating between the same old brews? It's time to branch out and let your beer tastes blossom, with the Beer Cap Magnetic Tree!

This boozy marvel of nature harnesses the power of magnetism to give your discarded bottle tops a new lease of life! Just place (or casually fling) your beer caps near the top of the trunk and they'll 'stick' and gather to form a glorious bushy tree.

The more beer you drink, the more magnificent the tree becomes - it's genius! And it doesn't even have to be beer, you could cultivate your own fancy Coca-Cola tree, or show off your penchant for expensive tonic water.
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Create your own beautiful tree made from bottle caps
  • Bottle tops collect around the top of the trunk to form a beautiful tree!
  • Includes grass-flocked base, real wooden trunk and powerful ball magnet
  • Measures approximately 10cm(W) x 20cm(H) x 10cm(D)
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