Birthday Gifts 🎂

There’s a birthday to be celebrated literally every day. You may not remember about those (thanks Facebook for the times you did), but it’s definitely happening. Such frequency may make birthday gifts look complicated, but not on our watch! We have tons of incredible birthday gift ideas to help you make it special every time, every year. Whether you want to cause a big reaction, or just add a personal touch, from really funny to personalised birthday gifts, the perfect birthday present can only be found here, at Firebox!

Incredible Birthday Present Ideas

Is there a more significant gifting occasion than a birthday? Birthday isn’t just a day - it’s your, or their day, so you’ve got to make it count. We know it generates a lot of pressure - that’s why we prepared this page filled with fantastic birthday gifts and birthday gift ideas. Whatever the birthday person’s interests are, we’re sure you’ll find those special birthday gifts here. Whether you’re searching for birthday gifts for friends, partners, family or colleagues, from housewarming treats to tech and accessories, these cool birthday gifts are suitable for everyone and (almost) every age. Birthdays are big days, the days we dedicate to ourselves, and it’s nothing but fair to throw an incredible gift in the mix and make it extra special. The birthday party kind of goes without saying but remember, we also have cool accessories here if you want to kick it up a notch!

What are the best birthday gifts?

The flip side of birthdays is that they remind you how limited and swift our time is. With that in mind, the best birthday gifts will not only celebrate that person’s life, but also bring so much joy they’ll quickly forget about that downside. You don’t have to stick to a single gift either. Even if you want to go above and beyond (we strongly recommend that), surprising them with a special birthday party, we have everything you need to literally make their day. From a morbid birthday candle to a never-ending birthday card (yes, you read that right), with a range of funny birthday gifts from Firebox, you can prepare a whole set of treats that will get that amazing reaction from them - a genuine explosion of joy. Oh, and don’t forget - even for those days when you can’t be there, we can get your birthday gifts delivered, so at least you can still tell how much you care for them, with good birthday gifts.

Unusual Birthday Gifts

Feeling like your lucky recipient probably hasn’t had a truly fun birthday surprise since they were little? Now’s your chance to change that, with unusual birthday gifts! These are great gifts because they clearly express how your relationship is on another level. Whether it’s a colleague you work with for years, or best friend birthday gifts feels right, if you’re searching for either something a bit controversial, or simply trying to make them giggle, these are great birthday present ideas that’ll make you stand out from the other birthday gifts. Just make sure nobody will be offended or, if that’s the reaction you want, don’t come blame it on us!

Personalised Birthday Gifts

These are arguably the ultimate birthday present ideas! Only with personalised birthday gifts can you show the birthday boy or girl how much history you have together. To mention a few options: a framed Lego miniature version of yourselves with your favourite phrase or song lyric, a birthday message on a bottle of wine or a massive cushion with their most (or least) beloved celeb. Those are all birthday gift ideas you can find here, at Firebox! When it comes to personalised birthday gifts, the only limit is your imagination. So go on, have a scroll through our selection of special birthday gifts and wish them “happy birthday” the best possible way!

Unique birthday gifts for unique people

Everyone is unique in their own way. I’m sure you’ve heard that, which isn’t particularly wrong and it is slightly more complicated when you need to find good birthday gifts for that exquisite someone. In general, nobody wants to be like everybody else anyway, so making sure you’ll get them a birthday present is a fantastic way to demonstrate how singular that person is, at least to you. We could be talking about best friend birthday gifts or that special someone you’re trying to impress, from this range you can get unusual birthday gifts you won’t find anywhere else. However, if you do have a bit of history together (not necessarily in the romantic way), it does make it a lot easier for you to find that cracking gift. Think about the things you like to do together - go to the club, stay at home relaxing and having some wine, playing video games, or watching things together. Something in between those things you both love is what makes everything special. Now all you need to do is to have a little scroll here and get the item that matches one or more of those situations the most. It’ll be a birthday present that shows how unique that person is to you and how much you appreciate their company. Feel free to sort your product view if you reckon something like a price filter would help, as long as you get one of our cool birthday gifts, you’ll be the hero at the next birthday party.

Birthday present ideas made easy

Birthdays happen every day. It’s somebody’s birthday as you read this text, including your own (if it really is, then happy birthday!). Sounds like nonsense but what we mean is that such an overwhelming load of birthdays may cause finding proper birthday gift ideas look like an impossible task. Well, it isn’t. Not when you shop from Firebox. We have over a hundred special birthday gifts, definitely more than any person’s lifetime, so you can surprise them every year. This is the land where no boring gifts are allowed - the perfect remedy for those people who play the wannabe modest saying “oh it’s OK, I don’t want anything”. Come on, it’s their birthday! We all know that, on the inside, they’re desperate for a surprising birthday present to celebrate their big day. Whether it’s for family, partner or even best friend birthday gifts, you simply can’t go wrong when shopping from this range. No matter what your recipient is into, from Disney to tech, personalised to booze gifts, this range is completely boredom-proof and you’ll be completely safe, especially if you’re searching for funny birthday gifts. You can thank us later.
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