Personalised Gifts

When it comes to important presents, personalised gifts are the ultimate ones. These are the most thoughtful gifts because they tell a story about you and the person you’re buying a gift for, making every occasion extra special. The personalised presents from Firebox are insuperable. Here you’ll find things you never imagined you would be able to personalise. Over a hundred personalised gift ideas you can play with, and yet all unique in their own way, as you can play around and tweak those images and words to your liking, to finally come up with the perfect gift. From socks to animal-shaped mini dolls, all you have to do now is to find the one that matches your lucky recipient the most, and get ready to personalise!

Only top Personalised Gifts

Asking yourself “where can I buy personalised gifts”? You’ve come to the right place. Personalised presents are the ultimate gifts because they suggest time, effort, care and a huge sense of humour. They’re the perfect way to eternalise a moment, phrase or message, on top of an amazing prezzie. A personalised gift works for every person and occasion, as you don’t always have to use your own face or message - you can also use your giftee’s favourite saying to cheer them up, their crush from a TV series, or even somebody they hate - their reaction when they open it might be priceless! You can’t go wrong with something personalised. We’ve got over a hundred options, but if you still need a push to get you started with those personalised gift ideas, here are our top customised gifts at the time of writing:

  • Cushions with personalised faces on: these are available in quite a few different options - regular or big sizes, faces on one or both sides. Get them one of these and you’ll finally be able to say “sit on my face” without getting those judgemental stares.
  • Car air fresheners with face on: a fantastic and functional gift, you can put anybody’s face on a set of 3 air fresheners and get rid of those funny smells with a cool personalised present. Scents are inspired by smoother things like the ocean breeze, to the unusually satisfying smell of bacon. Whatever you, or they, are into.
  • Personalised Lego figures: with options of up to 4 figures in a frame, this gift allows you to create mini figures of you, your gift recipient, your group of best mates or even your whole family. Just give us some personality traits, hobbies and outfits and our personalised fairies will do their magic. To top it off, you can also send us a quote or your favourite phrase and we’ll print it on the frame. Oh, and speaking about the frame, of course you’re more than welcome to get the figures out and play!
  • Socks with faces on: your face or anybody else’s, repeated on a sock. Sounds like an incredible gift to us, especially around Christmas. Socks are an absolute tradition, and wearing personalised ones means you or your lucky recipient will take it to the ultimate level.

Exciting, isn’t it? We really hope that’ll serve as inspiration, but remember you’re only a scroll away from finding the best personalised presents there are.

What gifts can you personalise?

At this point, pretty much everything. But our personalised gift shop has the most curated range, giving you only the top ideas of things to personalise, so you can save time. You’re welcome. The possibilities are endless, but we can give you a head start with some personalised gift ideas. From pillows and cushions, to pens, mugs and glasses, even the paper that’s going to wrap your treat can be personalised. Whether you want personalised gifts for friends, co-workers or family, just make sure such customised gifts will match the occasion and your giftee’s personality, and we guarantee they’ll love it. 

Engraved Gifts

Is your giftee one of those who always lose their pen, mug, or even lip balm tin? With our engraved gifts you can simply put their name or initials on those and many more gifts to help them solve that problem. It doesn’t stop there. Nothing says “IT’S MINE!” more than your own name on a Marmite jar, and “I’m sorry” on a box of chocolates with a special message written on. Finally, you can also go classy and have an initial on a whisky glass. There’s a vast range of personalised gift ideas you can explore to treat yourself, or get an amazing reaction from your mates and family. Here’s a quick list of engraved gifts from Firebox. Obviously, there’s more from where these came from, but only to give you a taste:

  • Vaseline tins with a name: the classic lip therapy tin with your, or anybody else’s name on. Let everybody know who owns that one!
  • On that same note, we know it’s hard to share that precious Marmite, so you can also personalise the jar with a name and keep it only to yourself.
  • Not a Marmite fan, but a whisky connoisseur? We’ve got personalised tumblers with only a name and initial, or engraved with a name at the person’s favourite measure. Just to show off how much they like their whisky.
  • An engraved multitool pen - lovely present for the multitasking ones in your life. The pen comes with a touch-screen stylus, mini Phillips screwdriver, four metric rules and, most importantly, a name or saying of your choosing.
  • A deck chair with a name on. You read that right, even deck chairs. The perfect summer gift, or even the missing piece to complete your garden puzzle (plus you let everybody know whose seat is that).

The range goes well beyond that list, so now it’s up to you. Whether you’ll stick to one of those or give it one last scroll through our engraved gifts, be creative, choose your favourite (or favourites) and hit that personalise button!

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