Gifts for Brothers

You’ve been googling for days trying to find the perfect gift for your brother, and things are getting so dire that you’re genuinely contemplating gift vouchers. At Firebox we understand the pain of shopping for gifts for brothers which is why we’ve put together a lovingly-crafted collection especially for this very occasion. We specialise in presents with personality, ensuring that whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to make your sibling smile. Shop glorious gadgets, hilarious books, quirky craft kits and more. As an added bonus, when he sees how much thought you’ve put into his present, he’ll be upping his gift game when it’s your turn.
Grip Strip from $10.00
Stressticles Out of stock - back soon!
UNT Mug $18.00
Social Distancing Zapper Out of stock - back soon!
Bluetooth Eye Mask Out of stock - back soon!
Ray Gun Nose Trimmer Out of stock - back soon!
Original Stormtrooper Multi Tool Out of stock - back soon!
Find The Poo Out of stock - back soon!
52 Times Britain was a Bellend Out of stock - back soon!
Build Your Own Retro Radio Kit Out of stock - back soon!
Personalised Photo Beer Stein Out of stock - back soon!
Personalised Beer Stein Out of stock - back soon!
Mr Razor the Razor Holder Out of stock - back soon!
Viking Horn Glass Out of stock - back soon!
Baby Groot Cable Guy Out of stock - back soon!


It’s true that he can sometimes be the most annoying sibling on the planet, but you love him really, and sometimes you gotta show it. But choosing the right gifts for brothers can be a tall order. That’s why we’re here, with a collection of badass presents for brothers that he’ll actually like. Perhaps you could get him an unusual gift to make his 9 to 5 distinctly more bearable, or buy him a present to nurture his travelling ambitions, or compliment his sports obsessions. Whatever his passions are, we're certain you'll find some unique gift ideas for brothers right here.


Personalised presents are the king of gifts. There’s something about receiving a present that was customised just for you that gives it pride of place in your heart. If you’re shopping for gifts for brothers, add that thoughtful touch with a personalised gift from our awesome collection. Put his name on a beer stein or his face on a bar runner, or even add a phrase of your choice on a bottle label. Whether it’s a sibling in-joke that you share, or just a random insult, we’ll print it. You can also appeal to his nostalgic side by recreating him as a Lego figure which we’ll frame with a message of your choice.


If you’re looking to buy a gift that you won’t find just anywhere, check out our exclusive gifts for brothers that you can only find at Firebox! It’s pretty widely known that we are hilarious, and we have taken this distinctive humour and channelled it into our best products. Why not get him a sweary mug, sweary chocolate, or some sweary coffee (hmm, we’re seeing a bit of a theme here). If he doesn’t swear then, first of all you’re not annoying him enough, but you can also get him some brilliant, swear-free Firebox gadgets to play around with on his special day.

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