Stocking Fillers

Enough with those boring satsumas! Christmas stocking fillers have not only to stuff their stocking with presents, but also their hearts with joy. This selection is buzzing with stocking filler ideas you won’t find anywhere else - from delicious marmalades to the coolest gadgets, we’re here to help you up your stocking fillers game and give them a Christmas morning surprise they’ll never forget. Well, at least until next year.

Liven up your Christmas with exciting Stocking Fillers!

Aaah, the Christmas stockings. What a tradition! Christmas Day wouldn’t be the same with the excitement of checking your stocking and opening cracking gifts. By the way, we salute you for being here, because it means you’re doing your contribution for this tradition to live on! We love stocking fillers so the least we can do is to offer you the best of the best around stocking filler ideas. Whether you want to get a great reaction with the perfect stocking filler no matter the cost, or simply look into cheap stocking fillers to complete your bundle, these gifts will transform that regular stocking into a powerful festive gifting weapon! Kiss goodbye (beneath the mistletoe) to those generic Christmas stocking fillers and wish a Merry Chrimbo to our range of exciting stocking busters. Christmas stocking have come a long way. They used to hang ordinary socks (have mercy!) to be filled with small gifts and, sometimes, coins (a bit better now) and fruit. Can you imagine it? Waking up on Christmas morning to eat fruit out of a regular (hopefully not used) sock? In this case it’s safe to say that some traditions change for the better. Today’s stockings are almost works of art. They’re colourful, personalised, knitted, huge socks you can fit a lot of good stuff in. The fillers are not behind. Things are being invented precisely to be funny stocking fillers and fit in a Christmas stocking. Much better than most of the fillers people used to have back then. Well, maybe not the cash, but if you’re looking for those fun, amazing stocking filler ideas, we went ahead and placed them all together in one place, which is here!

Stocking fillers for everyone

Stocking fillers used to be made specifically for children. Thank heavens (or Father Christmas) somebody realised at a certain point that everybody loves to open gifts on Christmas morning, and the tradition spread to the whole family or household. People still search for stocking fillers for girls, or boy’s stocking fillers, but there’s also high demand for adult versions of stocking fillers for men and stocking fillers for women. Perhaps that’s why they are established as cheaper gifts as well, so you won’t spend all your hard earned money filling stockings for everyone in the house. This isn’t written on stone though. Of course, if you feel like filling (whoa!) somebody’s Christmas stocking with something far from cheap stocking fillers, you’re not only allowed but also incentivised to do so. The only true rules about stocking fillers are: they must put a smile on their face on Christmas Day and they have to fit inside a Christmas stocking. Bearing in mind that there’s no size rule on how big stockings have to be! Now with all of that out of the way, it’s time to take a look at our range of gifts you can use as fillers. From delicious and boozy marmalades to beautiful home decor, we’ve got the most incredible things you wouldn’t even imagine you could use as stocking fillers. Don’t believe us? Take a look around and get ready to be surprised.

Do you wrap stocking fillers?

We’re glad this isn’t the million pound question, because there isn’t a straight answer for that. Wrapping stocking fillers demands more thought than you’d think. On one hand, the actual stocking already looks pretty nice and works perfectly as a huge gift wrap. However, if you think that adding a nice wrapping is going to add up to the moment and cause the reaction you want, then you must go ahead and wrap it. We’re not exaggerating - after choosing your fillers, just take a look at our selection of cards and gift wraps and you’ll understand. Here at Firebox, we take the wraps as serious as the actual gifts, so now it’s time for you to rise up to the challenge and come up with that unforgettable gift they’ll open on Christmas morning. Just to wrap it up (pun intended), wrapping the stocking fillers is like a cherry on a cake. You can perfectly eat that cake without a cherry, though, depending on the cake, a cherry on the top makes it look and feel much nicer, the proper finishing touch. Same applies to wrapping the fillers. If you feel like it’s going to be a good finishing touch, go ahead and wrap it like there’s no tomorrow.

What to fill Christmas stocking with?

Another slightly complicated question. As we said, stocking fillers have come a long way. Traditional items were coins, fruit and nuts, small toys and sweets. There’s quite a few factors involved such as budget and who are making the stocking for. Jumping straight to the stocking filler ideas, you could go for updated versions of the traditional gifts. Let’s use the ones you can find at Firebox as an example:

  • Coins - OK, now a good starting point, but who walks around with cash these days anyway?
  • Fruit and nuts - we’ve got delicious marmalades you get instead. Much better than being treated to mushy fruits that spent the night in a sock.
  • Small toys - that never changes. You could just from our selection of toys, our smallest gifts, or both, in case there’s still space in the stocking.
  • Sweets - another one of those that became a tradition for a reason, everybody loves sweets and, unlike the fruits, they’ll still taste good overnight. We have an amazing selection of sweets, including controversial ones in terms of taste and/or packaging, or even classic chocolate with messages on, so you can add another message on top of the traditional “Merry Christmas”.

Now for the modern and Firebox-y twist:

  • Books - those could either be funny books or pub quiz books. Besides great fillers, they’ll be guaranteed fun all year round.
  • Bath bombs - a treat for the body and the mind, a great stocking filler that’ll cheer them up once they open the stocking, and for the times they need to unwind in the shower.
  • Small home decor - these are small plants and planters, incense holders or lights. Another great option for stocking fillers they will actually use!
There you go! Although it turns out to be a long list of Christmas stocking fillers, there are loads of options of either stocking fillers for menstocking fillers for women, stocking fillers for everybody!
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