Roast Master

3rd degree insults

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Roast Master
Key Features:
  • Insult comedy game.
  • Fill in the blanks with burning one liners.
  • 600 cards can create millions of combinations
  • Make your friends cry (with laughter).
More Info: Roast Master

Introducing the Roast Master Game - the perfect way to roast your friends and family without hurting their feelings (too much)!

Compete with your loved ones to come up with the most hilarious and outrageous insults. Use your quick wit and sharp tongue to burn your opponents to a crisp and become the ultimate Roast Master.

The game comes with a variety of categories, including "Your Momma", "Backhanded Compliments", and "Celebrity Roasts", so you'll never run out of fresh material.

Warning: may cause uncontrollable laughter and hurt feelings

Product Details:
  • 600 cards can create millions of combinations
  • For ages 17+ so expect some raunchy material
  • 3+ Players
  • 30-90 minutes playtime
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