Time for gifts! At Firebox, gifts are pretty much what we live for. Good gifts are more than just treats you buy for them. When you give somebody a gift, you’re also stating that you care and have been thinking about them. In fact it creates this win-win situation where they’ll feel really special and you’ll feel amazing for sharing the love. Now brace yourself as you’re about to go through amazing gift ideas and some unusual gifts - everything guaranteed to make you feel like a gifting superstar.


Gifting someone is an art. It requires a deep knowledge about the person you want to impress - which, in 99% of the cases, you don’t have (let’s be honest). 🙈 But for all possibilities, we got you! Firebox is the land of the most unique gifts and the best gift ideas. 🎁 Trust us, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years. Whether you want to share some love, or the good and old banter, we’ve got cool gifts for every person and occasion. We’re always on the lookout for new, exciting gifts but here are our top gifts for now:

  1. A travel mug that keeps its content at the right temperature - we call it a smart mug as it works via bluetooth and it’s great for those tech-loving mates of yours, so they can use it anywhere, whenever they feel like having a hot drink.
  2. Who doesn’t have a mate who’s a huge film buff? Our second spot goes to a pair of whisky glasses inspired by the ones used by Deckard in the original Blade Runner movie.
  3. A digital picture frame so you can not only show off your best moments, but also finally share those photos and videos you have sitting around on your smartphone with everybody. 
  4. A home planetarium - with this gift they can turn any ceiling into a night sky. Works brilliantly whether all they need is some help to drift off and fall asleep under a calming sky, or have a stargazing night on the sofa.
  5. A miniature viking axe throwing game. You read that right. Also a perfect party game, it works perfectly as a 2 in 1 item you can gift someone and a great party gift you can use straight away and, carefully, have some fun.

That’s only for starters but already gives a solid idea of what we cover here: hundreds and hundreds ofgift ideas for all tastes and lifestyles. From party games to barware and gifts you can personalise, your struggle for present ideas is over.


unique gift is the one that captures your giftee’s spirit. Whether they’re all about gardening, gadgets, or a bit of booze, here you can find a gift to make them happy. 😃 Think about their hobbies, personality, what they do for a living, what they like to watch or do in their spare time, and the perfect gift will come to mind. At this point it’s also good to mention our range of gifts you can personalise. That’s a fantastic way to make a gift really unique. Do you happen to have a picture that means a lot to them? It could be either yours, theirs, the both of you, or someone else who would make the situation really funny? Perhaps a catchphrase, a favourite quote or just a funny message you thought about? With personalisation, all of that could go on a gift, which makes everything even more special by showing how deep you know each other. Our range of personalised ideas includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Cushions you can put a face on, available in different sizes;
  • Chocolate boxes with a message, photo or just their name on, so at least everybody will know who owns that;
  • Or even unusual but still very useful things such as a vaseline tin or a Marmite jar with a name on. Yes, “a” name on - it could be theirs, yours, the one stealing your Marmite or perhaps that cute secret nickname you gave them. It’s up to you to choose.

As we said, the present ideas don’t end there. That’s only a way to get your creative side started, because the possibilities go far when you personalise something. Lucky for you though, all the support you need in order to find the perfect gift is here!


Your love and attention. But you know, for the times you want to go further than that, the times you can’t be there, or the times you don’t know how to express yourself, there’s nothing like a good and old gift to show how much you care for them! This can go from useful gifts like tech or home apparatus that will actually be used, to a housewarming present or little funny gifts that’ll make them laugh as soon as they open it. What you need to understand is that gifts are also a big statement. When you come bearing gifts, regardless of the content, you’re already saying “I’ve been thinking of you”, and that’s the best gift you can give someone. That’s what makes even just a tiny prezzie feel absolutely priceless.


Don’t forget that gifts have sentimental value. Even if they have everything, you can always capture a moment you shared and express it with good gifts. On the flip side of that, if you’re thinking “what do you get someone who wants nothing”, let us tell you something: there is no such thing. They might say it, but deep inside they’re waiting to be surprised with a cracking gift. You can put their name or favourite phrase on something personalised. Buy them a special drink you can both share. Whatever you choose, aim for their hearts. ❤️

The best gifts come in the best gift wrap

Now if you’ve found the perfect gift already (hoora!), there’s no need to stop there. Don’t ever underestimate the power of an incredible gift wrap. This is no joke. You think you’ve found the perfect gift but it only becomes perfect in the literal sense when you wrap it in something amazing. Usually people just think of the wrapping as something to make it look nice. But when you shop from Firebox, you go above and beyond, transforming the wrapping into a warm up, a taste of what’s about to happen once they open that gift - an explosive first impression (not in the literal sense this time). So make sure you also check our gift wraps and take your gift ideas to the next level.

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