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They are sisters, mothers, partners… everything! In every aspect, women are usually the most important figures in our lives and the list you can do is to share some love with the best gifts for her. No pressure though - you’ve just landed on the internet’s most incredible gift ideas for women. We really hope this selection will inspire you the same way the women in your life did. These presents for her are as unique as they are, so go ahead and show her how great she is and, if you’re looking for something with a little twist, make sure to check our unusual gifts for women as well.

Amazing Gifts for Her and Gift Ideas for Women

Welcome to our incredible gift ideas for women! Before anything else, let us say: well done! Because we know that finding a perfect gift for her is not an easy task and, if you’ve reached this page, it means you really want to surprise her, show how much you care, or appreciate at least a tiny bit of everything they are and mean to you. ❤️  After all, we all know they truly deserve the whole world, but we can get started with some special gifts for her.

What are the best gift ideas for women?

That question is just as complex as they are. Lucky for you, we have the best gift ideas for her. Women can be partners, colleagues, sisters, mothers… whatever they want to be! It sounds confusing at first, but in reality it actually means that the more interests they have, the better your chances to match one of those aspects when searching for presents for her. So put away those flowers, chocolate boxes and all the boring “women’s gifts”. Presents for women can be something personalised with her face on, or even work-related, like the latest gadget she can use at, or a cheeky drink she can taste after. With that said, in case you already have a person or occasion in mind, we also have gifts for women ready to go, whether it’s for her birthday, or she’s your girlfriend, sister or mum. Go ahead and make her day! ⭐ 

What to buy the woman who has everything?

We all have heard the same answers before -“oh no, it’s OK, I don’t need anything…”and“just remembering the date will be enough”. Those feelings can be genuine, but not necessarily true! We know that deep, deep down, they really want to be surprised with an incredible gift for her, once the occasion comes. To get you covered, our top suggestions of presents ideas for women are: a massive cushion with her face, or her pet’s face on, a mythical drink, a boozy milkshake, or DIY kits, so she can make her own gin, cheese, ice cream, scented candles and much more. Yes, we’ve got all of those. No need to thank us. 👀

Unusual Gifts for Her

OK, now we’re talking. As usual, Firebox is the home for the unusual (pun intended). And if you’ve reached this paragraph, the real gift for women you’re considering is an extraordinary, edgy, perhaps controversial - all the unusual gifts for women. We like that.
Enough with the girly ladies gifts. You can choose from our range of mild to hardcore in terms of unusuality level, starting with food-inspired lights, through controversial party games, all the way to abusive prosecco bottles, our classic pillows resembling body parts and, definitely but not least, the Christmas Gifts for Her. Bottom line is - if you want to make her laugh with unusual gift ideas for women, we’ve got you. 😉

Our top 10 Gifts Ideas for Women

Before we start, it’s important to mention that firstly, we sincerely believe that everything in this range will make her happy and, secondly, our gift scouts are always out there chasing the new, exciting gifting trends to bring to you. Now, with that out of the way, here’s our top 10 present ideas for women, at the time of writing:

  1. A disco lightshow for bathtubs - the perfect gift to make bath time even more fun
  2. Cushions with personalised faces on either one or both sides - you can put her favourite face (it could be yours) on a cushion she can cuddle, or you could also put her most despised face (and again it could be yours) on a cushion, just for a laugh
  3. A pack with 3 chocolate bombs - made with thick Belgian milk chocolate so she can say goodbye to powdered chocolate and take hot chocolates to the next level
  4. Vaseline tins personalised with a name on - lip therapy with a personalised touch, you can give her this iconic tin with her name, or a nickname of hers that only you will know, to make it extra personal
  5. Our f-word, super strong coffee - invented by Firebox, this is a delicious and yet overpowered coffee, ideal for those busy days at work or when dashing through that pile of essays from Uni
  6. A set of 3 air fresheners with a face on - more personalised here! The ultimate car add-on so she can take a best mate (and maybe their smell too) in every ride
  7. Soothing shower fragrances - no bath? No problem! With these shower fragrances she can bathe and unwind in the shower too
  8. Pet cushions - remember number 2 up there? In case she doesn’t have a favourite person, you can personalise a cushion with her favourite pet!
  9. Customised Lego figures - picking up after number 8, if she doesn’t have a favourite person OR pet (for crying out loud), you can gift her a Lego version of herself. End of the story.
  10.  A temperature control smart mug - last and definitely not least, this is the coolest gift on this list, especially if she’s a tech-head. With this mug she can keep her favourite drink always at its best temperature through an app. Pretty smart, eh?

There you go, the Firebox most wanted gifts for women. Keep your eyes peeled though, because whenever new, great present ideas for women come up, you’ll certainly find those first around here!

Exclusive gifts for her

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive gifts, invented by Firebox. We have a fantastic range of food, drinks, games and unusual gifts for her created with a lot of love, and a bit of banter, by us. And as those are developed by ourselves, it means you probably won’t find them anywhere else. Unlike the personalised range, you may not put her name or face on these, but we strive to create gifts that really show how much you care from them, so make sure you get those directly from the source, perhaps even adding a little extra spice with our abusive cards, or funny gift wraps.

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