Gifts for Sisters

Struggling to think of a gift for your sister that’s as unique as she is? Check out our sister gifts collection and you won’t leave empty handed. Plus, she knows all the family secrets, including yours, so you better make sure you get her a present that shows you care. No one knows your sibling’s likes and dislikes more than you, so put some thought into your sister’s present with a personalised gift or something from her favourite TV show. If she has any hobbies, you’ll find a gift to match in our motley mix of unique gifts that every sister will love.
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Nothing beats nostalgia, and it makes the perfect gift for sisters. Take her back to the good old days when the only thing that mattered was having enough money for the ice-cream van and shot gunning top bunk. Give your sister a vintage gift from our collection, whether it’s from her favourite TV show, music or even retro snacks. Your childhood was unique to you and your siblings, so dredging up the past is the perfect way to show that you’ve put some thought into a gift for your lovely sister. It’ll make you the top present buyer in the family!


Deep down, you love your sister, but on the surface, nothing gives you more pleasure than annoying the sh*t out of her. That’s why you’ll love our collection of passive aggressive gifts for your sister that will delight and annoy her in equal measure. If your family likes a laugh, then these presents won’t fail to spark joy. Gift your sister a sweary chocolate bar or a rude puzzle book, we’ve also got angry gift cards and cruel candles. She’ll love to hate you when she unwraps these hilarious gifts that will ultimately put you in the good books, no matter how bad you’ve been.


Nothing makes it look like your paying attention more than gifting your sister something relating to her favourite hobby. If she’s a green-fingered goddess then get her something cute for her plant friends, if she’s a creative creature then you can gift her one of our many unusual colouring, sticker, or activity books. If your sister’s favourite hobby is to do as little as humanly possible, then first of all, we feel her; and secondly, we have gifts for that too: from bath salts and blankets, to personalised cushions and mugs. Whether she’s an animal lover or a movie buff, we’ve got a gift to suit any sister.

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